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 WILDHEART STUDIO  was established in 2014 

by artist and art tutor  Jacqui van den Berg

Jacqui has a Diploma of Fine arts and Diploma of Teaching.

Jacqui believes creativity feeds the soul. 

It  reaches in to  accesses personal expression, healing, self discovery and growth.

  Art for her is an individual intuitive process that has no corners or boundaries.


I have had Jacqui as a teacher for five years now.My last two years of Primary school and the first three years of college.I found going into college art much easier, having hit the ground running with some confidence in my skills.

Having other opinions and different teaching styles really opens and builds you into your own art style.On top of that, her classes are fun and walking out with

 a finished  artwork is the best feeling ever.        Anna D. Jan 2019








HeART Expression and Healing HeARTS classes . info link below.

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"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you."

Frank Lloyd Wright

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