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Artist  Jacqui van den Berg  

Welcome to Wildheart Studio.
An Inspirational creative s
pace to
EXPRESS with joy
CREATE and discover in your own unique way
DISCOVER the wonder, magic and possibilities of creativity

      HeART Expression Classes  are exciting creative experiences available for kids, teens and adults.

           Jacqui's art approach is through observation, inspiration and a connection to the joy of creative play.
She offers a gentle approach in her guidance and encourages each individual spark to shine.

Healing HeARTS Sessions  are creative play explorations help to reveal, release and transform.
             Jacqui uses her own intuition and inner guidance from heart centre to assist, support restore and heal.




 WILDHEART STUDIO  was established in 2014 

by artist and art tutor  Jacqui van den Berg

Jacqui has a Diploma of Fine arts and Diploma of Teaching.


Jacqui believes creativity opportunities feed the soul. 

It  reaches in to accesses personal expression, healing, self discovery and growth.

  Art for her is an individual intuitive process that has no corners or boundaries.




 Whats on at Wildheart Studio right now?
Click on  ART SCHOOL


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