Inspirational creative space to EXPRESS your individuality

CREATE and discover in your own unique way

ENJOY the wonder, magic and possibilities of art.

I offer HeART Expression And Healing HeARTS


HeART Expression
 These classes are available for kids, teens and adults .
Jacqui's art approach offers  a level of observation, understanding  and connecting to the joys of
creative expression.
This  creative process feeds the soul allows for  freedom to dream and express our own  uniqueness.
Jacqui offers a kind, gentle approach to her teaching and encourages the individual spark to shine.
The themes for these classes are inspired from Mother nature, her stories and messages.
HeART Expression classes are available in groups, online and one on one.


Healing HeARTS
 These classes are available for kids, teens and adults .
These classes are designed to reveal, release and transform .
Jacqui uses her own intuition and  inner  guidance from the heart centre to assist, support, restore and heal.
These classes are one on one but group sessions can be made TEEN groups.



 Both these  classes are available for one on one sessions throughout the year.
HeART Expression classes  also run in group sessions during  school Terms 1,2,3 and  4.


TERM 3   2021
 One on One  child, teen and adult  sessions  are  available.
YOUNG ARTIST - Theme - An amazing technicolour dreamscape
Austrian - NZ Artist Friedrich Hundertwasser will be an inspiration springboard for creating a multi coloured pastel-paint piece showing  curvilinear lines and vivid colour combinations.

INTERMEDIATE - TEEN - Painting in technicolour harmony.
Students will also study Hundertwasser with his 'no straight line ' style.Students will be encouraged to blend harmonious layered paint colour combinations and interpret the subject matter and composition in a playful way.

Group Adult class WEDNESDAY Term 3   Six sessions  9.30am  - 11am      $180
Sept 1st. 8th - October 6th. 13th - Nov 3rd. 10th


TERM 3   2021
 Monday  AUGUST  30th -  Thursday  SEPTEMBER  30th     5  weeks

NOTE : These classes are now  all fully booked


TERM 4  2021
 October 18th - December 6th  -   7 weeks


WildheART Vouchers
are available for any of the above classes,
Single sessions,3 x one on one or term class.


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Taking inquiries now for classes.Please email me below with the class you are interested in and I will get back to you.

Payment is required  before start of  art class Term and to  confirm booking.

Online Bank Details . Mount Wildheart   12-3157-0153754-00   Ref-Name/Class