Tauranga Artist & Art Tutor
Jacqui van den Berg


 Jacqui has a great love for the ocean and green spaces and believes that nature and its creatures are our first teachers.Her clear colourful paintings and sculptures are directly inspired from nature and the stunning coastal and bush environments.

Jacqui  lives  in Mount Maunganui where she runs MOUNT WILDHEART.

HeART Expression and Healing HeARTS are art and art therapy classes  for children ,teens and adults.These are available  in groups, online  and one on one.

Jacqui also teaches art classes after school at local primary schools in Mount Maunganui.

Find out more about art classes for kids, teens & adults.  at MOUNT WILDHEART.

Check out Jacqui's online art gallery!

You can't use up Creativity.

The more you use,
the more you have.
Maya Angelou

"The girls have had a fantastic time with you,and I am so pleased that they have the  opportunity to learn from someone who really knows their stuff.I used to think that art (and sport and music etc) were all down to talent,but I learned eventually that  tools,techniques,experience and exposure were also fundamental to exploring your ability and  to learning how to learn."

Julie, Raumati, Kapiti Coast

''We were thrilled when Jacqui offered to create a canvas to our specifications and we are absolutely delighted with the resulting work,which will always remain very special to us''

Michael & Lesley

"Jacqui van den Berg oversaw the project working with the children on painting techniques.  The mural depicted the local legend of Te Rau o te Rangi.  A student involved in the project said it took a long time but Jacqui taught us lots of new skills like how to use the paint brush correctly and how to use different painting techniques."


Kena Kena Primary School student